Monday, February 27, 2006

Week of February 20, 2006

The first truss goes up.

Halfway done.

Our mentor, Jim on the roof with the class.

Putting up the porch roof.

We spent the week getting ready to put the roof on which included putting cap plates on and laying out where all of the trusses will go on the beams. Friday we spent the entire day out at site for an all-day field trip.

There were plenty of problems with the trusses, but with Greg and Jim on site to help us, we got things pretty much in hand.

Chris did the directing of the large crane which hoisted not only our trusses but also our bathtub/shower unit into the second floor bathroom.

We had to rebuild the trusses on the back porch but in the end the work turned out extremely well done.

Our house should be dry very soon as soon as we get the rest of the sheathing down on the roof and put waterproof building felt (tar paper) on.


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