Sunday, February 19, 2006

Saturday February 18, 2006

We found out today that we are the first single family dwelling built in Franklinton in 43 years. From a 50 degree school week, the bottom feel out of the thermometer and we worked in 14 degree winter weather today. Ben, Jorday, and Mr. Beck were members of the no-gloves club while Andrea and Heather are getting close to being members of the forty hour club. It was partly sunny today and it was amazing just how nice it felt to have some sun on us. Everyone followed the Home B.A.S.E. rules for working in the cold. 1) We are tough and don't complain. 2)We remember rule one.

With great progress today in such cold, it is wonderful say that all of the walls of the house are now built! We worked well in teams and the walls are very plumb and straight. Level means parallel to horizon while plumb means perpendicular to horizon. It was nice working upstairs because the exterior walls acted as a windbreak. If the roof trusses arrive this week, we will be ready to put on the roof and dry in the house.

The special aspect of the day was working with our future homeowner and her daughter who is a senior is high school just like our class. We got together with our homeowner and all of the Habitat staff members to have an emotional event in which everyone re-dedicated themselves to the starting and finishing of our house.

Compare the picture above to the picture on our post for Saturday, January 28 to see how much progress we've made in less than a month.


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